Friday, May 21, 2010

Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

Slow day at the jorb today. That means there will be lots of catch up posts today! These were probably some of the easiest cupcakes i've ever made. And one of my favorites. I don't think i even got to eat one, either!

Basic template from Wilton's online site. Few changes though; i made chocolate cupcakes so i wouldn't have to frost the cupcake first, and i didn't use frosting for the eyes. I hate over frosted cupcakes. I know little kids just eat them for the heaps of sugary frosting, but my cupcakes are rarely eaten by children so i don't aim for globs of frosting. (I don't share well with walking germ monsters.) For the eyes, i used the candy off of a candy bracelet. The holes where the string goes through i filled with gel frosting.

Super easy. And super cute. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and i think it may very well be because the possibilities for Halloween cupcakes are endless!

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