Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Turtle Cupcakes

So last November my good friend came to me with a request; turtle cupcakes. He was throwing a baby shower for his sister who looooves turtles, so naturally he wanted it to be the theme of her first baby's shower.

Actually to be specific, he also wanted the color scheme incorporated exactly. He's kind of demanding that way lol. So i ended up with about a dozen turtles, 1 dozen teal cupcakes, 1 dozen yellow cupcakes and 1 dozen green cupcakes.

I googled. And stressed a little. In the end, my turtles were a variation of what i found on this website. I personally think that mine are better. Because they have a tail. Haha. Dude, i mean a TAIL is adorable right?

Feet were Junior Mint halves, the backs were green M&Ms, the tails were cut sour apple strips, and the faces were green and yellow gum drops. With a toothpick, i poked holes in the gum drop so that the black gel icing wouldn't drip out of its eyes. lol. It worked though! The mouths were red gel icing.



  1. Thanks for sharing these cute cupcakes. I made them for my son's 4th birthday and they were perfect.

  2. Agreed! yours are way cuter.