Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cherry Blossom Cupcakes

Made for Rachelle's graduation party. Dark chocolate (with chocolate chips thrown in the batter again) and dyed pink butter cream frosting. Branches of the blossoms are melted and piped chocolate chips -- like i did with the thumbs up -- the blossoms are brighter pink frosting, and the centers are Wilton pearl sprinkles.

They're slightly off of what i envisioned them looking like. Oringially I had picked up white melting chips in hopes of piping out the flowers by hand. But that was fail pants. Big time fail pants. I ended up only piping out the branches.

And as (bad) luck would have it, it was super warm today. So even if the chocolate was melting as i was removing it from the wax paper. All of the wording was a mess. I only ended up with one cupcake that even said "congrats" on it lol. And then the hot pink frosting started being lame too.

Despite everything though, i think they came out pretty well! I love love love cherry blossoms. I had done some last year, that looked pretty ghetto. Haha. (No need to repost those.) So I am happy that I have something to replace that shame with.

I wonder how weird people find it that i travel with not just my cupcake carrier, but also my special cupcake stand? One of the best presents I've gotten, i think.


P.S. By the way, i might have cupcake duty again this weekend lol. But i dunno since i don't have any ideas yet and i only have so much free time to run to Michaels and stuff. Anyone have any ideas for Serbian cupcakes? Yes, seriously.


  1. Anna, these cupcakes came out AWESOME! not only did they look good but they tasted good too ;] everyone loved them! good job :D

  2. Yes, they were the prettiest cupcakes ever :D Thank you much, love!