Friday, May 21, 2010

Lion Cupcakes

I made these last year for a friend who's last name is Leon. (Lion en espanol.) I just google image searched "lion cupcake" and pulled together elements from various ones into mine. Yellow and organge frosting, black gel frosting and mini cupcakes for the paws. I don't even remember what candy i used for these.... except that they WERE NOT runts lol.

These are the ones that i ran around to like 5 stores to, looking for the heart shaped candy to make the nose. Total fail. Like everything else in this world, runts changed too. No more cute pink candy that would have been the cutest nose ever. Que sera, sera...


Halloween Mummy Cupcakes

Slow day at the jorb today. That means there will be lots of catch up posts today! These were probably some of the easiest cupcakes i've ever made. And one of my favorites. I don't think i even got to eat one, either!

Basic template from Wilton's online site. Few changes though; i made chocolate cupcakes so i wouldn't have to frost the cupcake first, and i didn't use frosting for the eyes. I hate over frosted cupcakes. I know little kids just eat them for the heaps of sugary frosting, but my cupcakes are rarely eaten by children so i don't aim for globs of frosting. (I don't share well with walking germ monsters.) For the eyes, i used the candy off of a candy bracelet. The holes where the string goes through i filled with gel frosting.

Super easy. And super cute. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and i think it may very well be because the possibilities for Halloween cupcakes are endless!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Turtle Cupcakes

So last November my good friend came to me with a request; turtle cupcakes. He was throwing a baby shower for his sister who looooves turtles, so naturally he wanted it to be the theme of her first baby's shower.

Actually to be specific, he also wanted the color scheme incorporated exactly. He's kind of demanding that way lol. So i ended up with about a dozen turtles, 1 dozen teal cupcakes, 1 dozen yellow cupcakes and 1 dozen green cupcakes.

I googled. And stressed a little. In the end, my turtles were a variation of what i found on this website. I personally think that mine are better. Because they have a tail. Haha. Dude, i mean a TAIL is adorable right?

Feet were Junior Mint halves, the backs were green M&Ms, the tails were cut sour apple strips, and the faces were green and yellow gum drops. With a toothpick, i poked holes in the gum drop so that the black gel icing wouldn't drip out of its eyes. lol. It worked though! The mouths were red gel icing.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cherry Blossom Cupcakes

Made for Rachelle's graduation party. Dark chocolate (with chocolate chips thrown in the batter again) and dyed pink butter cream frosting. Branches of the blossoms are melted and piped chocolate chips -- like i did with the thumbs up -- the blossoms are brighter pink frosting, and the centers are Wilton pearl sprinkles.

They're slightly off of what i envisioned them looking like. Oringially I had picked up white melting chips in hopes of piping out the flowers by hand. But that was fail pants. Big time fail pants. I ended up only piping out the branches.

And as (bad) luck would have it, it was super warm today. So even if the chocolate was melting as i was removing it from the wax paper. All of the wording was a mess. I only ended up with one cupcake that even said "congrats" on it lol. And then the hot pink frosting started being lame too.

Despite everything though, i think they came out pretty well! I love love love cherry blossoms. I had done some last year, that looked pretty ghetto. Haha. (No need to repost those.) So I am happy that I have something to replace that shame with.

I wonder how weird people find it that i travel with not just my cupcake carrier, but also my special cupcake stand? One of the best presents I've gotten, i think.


P.S. By the way, i might have cupcake duty again this weekend lol. But i dunno since i don't have any ideas yet and i only have so much free time to run to Michaels and stuff. Anyone have any ideas for Serbian cupcakes? Yes, seriously.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Butterfly Cupcakes

Trying to play catch up and posting any of the worthwhile cupcakes on here. :) This one is a direct steal from Martha. I made it for Easter in April. I did not use licorice for the antenna as suggested though. Because black licorice is disgusting. Who eats that? I cut up (real) fruit roll ups instead. The head was a blue jelly bean. Used the same teal Wilton food coloring for the frosting base and the dots, just in different concentrations.

Oh and tip? The pretzels are the SMALL ones. If you buy the big ones they fall over... and you might have to run out in the rain to Safeway in search of smaller ones.

I am baking again this weekend! Tonight actually, for a friend's Graduation Party. I had an exact plan in mind... but so far not so good. Trail and error right? We will see what i come up with. Expect another post up in a day or two!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Like This" Thumbs Up Facebook Cupcakes

On the way to my friend's birthday party (45 minutes away) i almost had a heart attack b/c the chocolate started melting in the sun. I seriously would have cried if none of them had made it.

Milk chocolate cupcakes (with chocolate chips thrown into the batter for extra chocolaty goodness), cream cheese frosting dyed blue (Wilton gel food coloring) and melted semi-sweet chocolate chips on top.

The thumbs up sign and the "like this" were piped onto wax paper first, i let them harden in the fridge and then put them on top. And yes, my hand was numb after i finished piping all these words. Good thing that they keep well, so i was able to spread it out over two days instead of just one. The bad thing? I've been eating the chocolate chips this entire week. =x

i had my older brother make a quick template for me for the thumbs up sign, and was able to just put it underneath the wax paper and trace over it. The words i free handed.
I actually ended up making wayyyy too many of these. I hear the birthday boy (who does indeed love facebook and over uses the "like" feature) is going to start handing them out to people who look like they need that bit of external validation from a stranger.