Friday, May 14, 2010

Butterfly Cupcakes

Trying to play catch up and posting any of the worthwhile cupcakes on here. :) This one is a direct steal from Martha. I made it for Easter in April. I did not use licorice for the antenna as suggested though. Because black licorice is disgusting. Who eats that? I cut up (real) fruit roll ups instead. The head was a blue jelly bean. Used the same teal Wilton food coloring for the frosting base and the dots, just in different concentrations.

Oh and tip? The pretzels are the SMALL ones. If you buy the big ones they fall over... and you might have to run out in the rain to Safeway in search of smaller ones.

I am baking again this weekend! Tonight actually, for a friend's Graduation Party. I had an exact plan in mind... but so far not so good. Trail and error right? We will see what i come up with. Expect another post up in a day or two!


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