Sunday, May 9, 2010

"Like This" Thumbs Up Facebook Cupcakes

On the way to my friend's birthday party (45 minutes away) i almost had a heart attack b/c the chocolate started melting in the sun. I seriously would have cried if none of them had made it.

Milk chocolate cupcakes (with chocolate chips thrown into the batter for extra chocolaty goodness), cream cheese frosting dyed blue (Wilton gel food coloring) and melted semi-sweet chocolate chips on top.

The thumbs up sign and the "like this" were piped onto wax paper first, i let them harden in the fridge and then put them on top. And yes, my hand was numb after i finished piping all these words. Good thing that they keep well, so i was able to spread it out over two days instead of just one. The bad thing? I've been eating the chocolate chips this entire week. =x

i had my older brother make a quick template for me for the thumbs up sign, and was able to just put it underneath the wax paper and trace over it. The words i free handed.
I actually ended up making wayyyy too many of these. I hear the birthday boy (who does indeed love facebook and over uses the "like" feature) is going to start handing them out to people who look like they need that bit of external validation from a stranger.



  1. i need a bit of external validation. pls have him send one to me asap.

    ty! <3

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