Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's the Details: Crown and Crumpet Review

It's the small details that make visiting Crown and Crumpet such an awesome experience.  I blogged about it earlier this week, and even linked you to pandippo's blog so you could check out my second visit there.  I raved about the lemon curd and the crumpets.  Oh the crumpets...

And now you get to see pictures from my first visit back in September!  An over abundance of pictures, at that.  You too will fall in love with it and want to go to San Francisco as soon as possible.  You'll want to bring your mom, sister, daughter, gay bff, mailman, husband, miniature schnauzer .  Because it is that adorable.

You'll also want to get dressed up in pretty dresses and take one million and one pictures.  Yes that many.

Crown and Crumpet Tea Salon is in the middle of Ghirardelli Square.  (Stop by Kara's for a cupcake, or get a sundae at Ghirardelli while you are there, trust.)  The minute you walk in you are hit with a wave of girly pink glee.  There are jeweled chandeliers,  floral table cloths, teapots and plates everywhere.

Their logo is a pink teapot in the shape of a teapot and it is plastered everywhere. Including the purse holder they provide for you upon request.  They sell these too and was so sad they were out of stock last time i went.

Of course, the main attraction is tea.  And tea we did have.  Three pots of it.

I recommend the Paris blend.  I had it both times, and everyone gave positive reviews.  But they have something like 5 pages full of tea options.  You seep it yourself.  And they have an adorable little teapot at the end of the chain.  See what i mean about the details???

You should definitely not forget to check underneath your tea cup, because the saucer is full of cute little sayings. And so is the back of your tea pot. 

"Gossip and scandal are the best sweeteners for tea" is the saucer that i ended up buying for myself as well.  But a close second  in the sweetener category would be the actual sugar.  Because they hide adorable little things in there for you as well.  Like a pretty pink crown.  

Seriously would could be better than spending an afternoon with the girls, gossiping and cheering to life with some tea?

Oh wait.  I just thought of something better.  All that PLUS food.

Did you just see that?  Three delightful little layers of small bites.  Light sandwiches in one, baked breakfast goods in the another, and sweet desserts in the last.  All three layers will be different each time you go, all are different from the table next to you. 

I saw my neighbors with cupcakes.  I was a little jealous.  I say only a little because i was too happy eating  discovering lemon curd to care THAT much.  They give you lemon curd, jam and butter. 

Just throw it on your warm out of the oven crumpet.  Eat it first.  Even before the sandwiches.  It's okay.  No one cares.  No one judges you.  It's expected.  It's encouraged.  It should be required.

Sorry to say, you will not be able to finish it all.  I know, sad.  And i mean for $26 bucks you want to finish it all.  But you will be able to hear the tea swishing about your belly as you walk anyways, so you will have bigger concerns.  (The bathroom's far and lines are crazy.  Pee before you sit down.)

But you can always just take some tea home.  Of course they sell it to you.  Why wouldn't they. HOW couldn't they?

Alas, if that's not in the cards for you perhaps you will be lucky and get a packet with your check instead?

You will save a buck.  Which means you can go to the gift shop and take pictures with a stuffed cupcake.

Or not.  That was probably just me...  I'm sure you will find something else to strike your fancy.   Like the teapots and saucers with the witty sayings.  Or mugs, or aprons... or cute little pink knick knacks you don't need at ALL... but HAVE to have.

Writing this blog post has REALLY got me craving a crumpet.  And a trip back!  I need to invent a reason to go back.  Soon.


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