Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Famous! Kinda.

Hai.  Guess what?  My yummy cupcakes from last weekend were featured on Cupcakes Take the Cake.  You know that blog with like a million followers?  One that everyone and their mom reads.  One that my idol Bakerella probably reads.  How awesome is that?  :)

I screen grabbed it.

Why?  So that I can remember it forever.  When I saw the link on fb i thought my eyes were deceiving me! I've gotten tons of its since then, so if you're a new reader  HI!   :)   Those will probably be the prettiest things you will see out of me. Sorry.  lol.   You will see much more though!

There's more in my notebook actually.  For Christmas, a dear friend gave me a journal.  It's called I Hate Everything Journal.  (I've mentioned I am dark and twisty, right?  At least 34 times I hope. )  But instead of actually writing down things I hate, I have started to use it as my cupcake notebook.  Where I scribble down ideas that come to me, or have a running list of things I want to incorporate into my baking.  Once I know what I am doing I sketch out the actual cupcake so I know what i want it to look like.

It's what i've always done, but now i just get to keep them instead of tossing them out.  So for today's absolute filler post (I didn't bake last weekend), you get to see a peek of the last two cupcakes I did.

The tres leches sketches and notes.  These came out exactly like I pictured them.   Also, is it ironic I used pencil on this page? Haha.

And the Double Decker Raspberry ones from last week too.  These were slightly changed from my original idea.  The ganache wasn't supposed to cover everything.  But it ended up having to.  Ganache is messy, man. 

And yes, I really do hate kitten calendars.  This book is a gem of one liners.

I have a few more pages filled with ideas.  Want a sneak peak of what I am doing?

Of course, if these turn out a hot mess you may never actually see real pictures. There's always the high probability of that....

That's it for you guys though - no more!  I've got something awesome lined up for St. Patricks Day!


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  1. LOL! I totally understand what you mean, my Latin Elvis cupcake and a Valentine's cupcake were featured and it felt like Christmas morning. I was on a natural high all day. Congratulations!