Friday, January 27, 2012

14 Minute Walk to Yum: Cako Review

I went to Cako Bakery today.  They are on O'farell Street right off of Union Square and I am so glad that they are that far from me (14 minute walk, we timed it).  I am even more glad that you can't see their glowing pink store front sign from the main street... or my subconscious would be sabotaging me even more than it already is.  Because yeah, they're kinda yummy.

You can see my friend in the picture below.  I am pretty sure that he is walking away from the store, and me because I am embarrassing paparazzi on a cell phone camera taking pictures of EVERYTHING. 

The display case is full of real cupcakes.  Sprayed with who knows what to keep them looking alive and happy.  Here's some shots from the inside and outside. I see S'mores and red velvets and carrot cake!

So we got two cupcakes --S'mores and Pink Lemonade -- and then went across the street for lunch.  As you can see, my companion ripped into his before we even crossed the street.  Pretty!

I really really really liked mine.  A lot.  Raspberry cake, a lemon filling and lemon cream cheese frosting.  It was so good.  The cake was SO MOIST and thick.  I need to learn how to make my own version of this.

I didn't really like the S'mores one.  I mean, i think i make a pretty decent S'mores cupcake and this one was just okay.  Graham cracker crust, (but admittedly very moist) chocolate cake and marshmallow frosting.  I thought the frosting was too much.  And they could have filled it with some ganache.

My friend actually didn't even finish it.  He tossed most of it.  But since he has tasted mine, he felt that they could redeem themselves some.  ( I wish we could have exchanged them.)  He said he doesn't even like chocolate, but was lured in by it's appearance.  His fault for falling for slutty cupcakes right?    So when we went back inside after lunch it was no surprise his next choice was Strawberry Cheesecake.

It's a strawberry cake, graham cracker crust, cheese cake "filling" and a cream cheese frosting.  He loved it.  I liked my Pink lemonade more, but this was still really good too.  My only critique was that it was "filled" by putting a glob on the top rather than in the center.

They have a carrot cake i will have to try next.  Because I am sure there will be a next time, they are pretty darn solid. (Just skip the S'mores one.)  So much better than Cupcake Cove!  No crappy day old frosting.  But I still love me my CupKates.  ;)  


P.S.  I will be baking this weekend!  And its NOT cupcakes!  :) 


  1. Oh I am SO jealous you get to work in San Fran and visit their abundance of cupcakeries! San Fran is one of my fave cities in the world but when I was there last there were no cupcakeries so I'm desperate to go back and check them all out...I can get some of my fix through looking at your blog though so thanks for sharing :) and so jeal you went to Miette!

    1. Thanks! SF living def. has its perks! Albeit ones that add to the waist line...