Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nintendo Cupcakes

When my external drive crashed, i lost this set of pictures. But i finally got them back thanks to the ex-bf. I think i made these about 4-5 years ago? This was when I first started experimenting with baking and things like food coloring. So they're just straight up out of the box. And apparently this was when I didn't know how to work the macro function on a camera either. Oy.

You may ask why the pictures aren't rotated correctly. I have been asking the same thing for about 24 hours. I DON'T KNOW WHY BLOGGER HATES ME AND DOESN'T DO AS I SAY. Just tilt your head crooked for a bit?

Nintendo Logo Birthday Cake

Red Mushroom

1-Up Mushroom

My favorite: Goomba! >.<


Obviously, they were for his birthday. I cant believe i tried to over-sugar him with a cake AND cupcakes though, haha. I used mainly black licorice and cut up marshmallows for the faces. The mushrooms i cut off the ends to make them mushroom shaped. And Reynolds sells the pre-formed star cups.

They're still one of my favorites ones I have ever made, despite them being messy. Maybe one day i will try these again, now that i'm not as sloppy and know not to use liquid food coloring.


P.S. (Hopefully) Awesome cupcakes coming this weekend! I'm excited to get into the kitchen again. All i have been baking the past few months have been cookies. But i feel like getting more creative! I already went to Michaels and have everything ready. :)

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