Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Very Cupcake December

December is not only Christmas, but also my Birthday month. Which means that i got lots and lots of cupcake goodies this month. I won't post every single one, but these are some of my favorites.

I cannot wait until i have my own kitchen. Real talk. It will be so ridiculously girly and pink and cupcakey. Pretty sure no male will ever want to step inside.

Yes, i have a hot pink suit case so the fact that the cupcake tag matches it only adds to the awesome.

Dainty little silver cupcake. Maybe i need to start collecting some matching earrings too?

Now this one is pretty freaking awesome. In case you can't tell what they are -- they are labels. Little circular sticker labels that can seal baking boxes closed. :)

One day maybe they will be for real. (Oh they also came with hot pink zebra cupcake liners. Extra cool!)

Also, i obviously have the best, most awesome friends who spoil me more than i deserve.

Happy New Year!


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