Sunday, June 6, 2010

Domo-kun Brownies

Okay so these aren't exactly cupcakes. Or even home made. There's a funny story behind these actually. They were for an ex boyfriend's birthday. He said he wanted brownies, not cupcakes. So a-baking i did go. But burnt them. There might have been tears. And a midnight run to Safeway to buy premade brownies. Details Details.
After the hard task of taking the brownies out of the box (hey that plastic is tricky!), i used gel to dot the eyes. Then i used two air heads, white and red. I painstakingly cut the white air heads into teeth. It was a pain in the ass. Real talk.

But they came out well! And i learned that i should stick to cupcakes, not brownies. haha. I haven't even attempted to bake brownies since then!


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